Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to Make an Easter Tree Centerpiece - Easy Craft Project

How to Make your Easter Tree

It's time to decorate for Easter! 

Make this beautiful Easter Egg Tree Centerpiece to decorate your table for this year's Easter dinner.

Here's what you'll need to make one...

  • A small tree branch
  • White spray paint
  • Thread or unwaxed dental floss
  • Scissors
  • A small flower pot
  • Modeling clay or a bit of florist's foam
  • Easter grass
  • Ornaments (mini-eggs or other assorted woodies)
Start by choosing a tree branch that's about 12-18 inches high when held up with the thickest part towards the bottom. Check your yard for fallen branches and twigs. You'll likely find a suitable dead branch already on the ground, so you won't have to consider cutting of off a live tree to make your Easter egg tree centerpiece. (Be kind to your environment!)

Next, you'll spray-paint the branch with your white paint. Be sure to do this in a well-ventilated area! Read the instructions on your spray-paint can to find out how long it needs to dry. Remember, you don't have to do the last couple inches at the bottom, because it won't show anyway. That means that you can use that bit to hold onto, without getting paint on your fingers.

Once the paint on your branch has dried, stick your lump of clay on the bottom of the flowerpot. Then press the thickest part of the branch, (the unpainted end), into the modeling clay, so that the branch stands up, forming your Easter egg tree.

Now you'll make the ornaments for your Easter Egg Tree Centerpiece. You can buy a box of pre-made Easter egg tree ornaments, or you can get crafty and make your own from mini-eggs or woodies or even those little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs.

No matter which kind of ornaments you choose, you'll need to attach strings to them so that they will dangle from the branches of your Easter Egg Tree Centerpiece.

Cut as many lengths of dental floss at you have ornaments. Depending on how big your original branch was, your strings will probably be between three and six inches long. Don't worry if they aren't all exactly the same length, a little variety will just make your Easter egg tree more interesting to look at.

Put a drop of glue on the top of each ornament, and then lay one end of a piece of dental floss on each one. Give those a chance to dry, and then tie a loop at the other end of each piece of floss. Use the loops to hang the ornaments on the limbs of your Easter egg tree.

Finish by adding Easter grass** to the bottom of the flowerpot, covering the base of your branch. Your Easter Egg Tree Centerpiece is finished! Put it on your dinner table, to brighten up your Easter meal.

Happy Easter!!

(**Did you know -- Easting plastic Easter grass is super-dangerous for animals!  If you have pets that might eat the Easter grass, skip the plastic store-bought kind, and just shred or crumple some green construction paper instead.  Be safe!)
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