Saturday, April 2, 2011

B is for Blogger

Today I am a blogger.

The part of blogging that I have always feared the most; the part that kept me from really getting started, was the idea of staring at a blank screen every day, trying to figure what my potential readers would want to hear about from me.

My favorite part of the A to Z Challenge is being given a starting point each day. Instead of having every topic in the world to choose from, I only have 1/26th of all the topics in the world to choose from each day. :)

This might be the push I needed to finally understand the successful blogging careers that I've heard about; or, to at least meet some new friends and read some interesting posts!


  1. The more you do it the more you enjoy it. Prepare for a fun ride if you ever get used to it! Following your journey and looking forward to seeing where it takes you!

    Popping in by way of the A-Z Challenge. I’m blogging at:

  2. I agree with Rodney, the more you write, the more you find to write about.

    The A-Z challenge is a bit harder, because you have to figure what to write about on a given letter.

    Articles don't have to be about the present time though, you can write about anything that has happened to you in the past, or something that you are interested in or find funny.

    I often get inspired to write about things in the news, or things I hears on the radio, or saw on the net. So many possibilities.

    For the challenge, try and make a list ahead of time so you know what you are going to write about in advance. Don't forget that you can schedule posts, so you could write one today and schedule it to be published on the correct day, say next Wednesday.

    Hope this helps, and enjoy the challenge.

  3. Blogging to a set theme is both easy and hard. Sometimes, you just can't think of anything that starts with C or D. Or you can but in your mind it's not worthy. I just have a whole assortment of things that pop up in my life and I write about them randomly. So this challenge is a focus for me and it's kind of fun. I also get to meet so many wonderful bloggers.

  4. Welcome to blogland and to the A to Z Challenge. I have met so many wonderful people from blogging. I wouldn't give it up for anything, even if all my fingers broke I'd figure out a way!

    Nice to meet you!


  5. Enjoy blogging. I am addicted to it having started last summer after seeing the film Julia and Julia. :O)