Monday, May 2, 2011

Z is for Zodiac Signs

Do you know your sign? Do you read your horoscope every day? I know people that check their horoscope and plan their days around them. It always strikes me as a little absurd, but never more so than when I got a job offer to write horoscopes.

Yes, it's true. Somewhere on the Web, on a well-known and well-respected freelance-writing job board, there are two posts this year (so far!) asking for writers to come up with horoscope “predictions”. No qualification required, other than the usual “must be your own unique work” that freelancers expect to see on any assignment.

No need to be an astrologist, a seer, or a medium. Just write interesting bits of advice that will keep people coming back to their website. Reading that took all the mystery out of for me. I think I wanted (just a little) to believe...

What about you? Do you believe that your life is being controlled by your zodiac sign? Do you make plans based on your horoscope?


  1. I think horoscopes are fun to read, but I've never put much stock in them--and from you just said, I guess that's about right. ;O)

    I will say that the generalizations made about members of my sign (I'm a Capricorn) offer a pretty accurate description of me.

  2. As a teen, I had a small interest in astrology, but that has waned to none at all through the years. If you read your horoscope and plan your life around it, surely some of it will actually come true.

  3. My hororscope said I would be utterly devastated this morning. Now I am.


    I never put stock in hororscopes, but after reading this I think I should. (At least to make a little money!)

    OK, fun question for you and others who may post here who are writing hororscopes: Do you check your hororscope before writing others'? Do you believe in Karma? Opens up a lot of questions! Enjoyed your post, and good luck with the Z to A in May!

  4. I believe there are people who are psychic. One of the times when I was visiting New Orleans, there was a guy who gave me a tarot card reading. I believed him, and much of what he said came true. I don't think it's all false. (Jolie du Pre)

  5. Funny, I was just telling my sister about a horoscope writing assignment I had taken...she was not pleased! To answer David Beem, I do check other horoscopes to get a general feel before writing. Hate that it took all the magic out of it, but LOVE the creative writing aspect. :)
    Blogging from Z to A in May

  6. Everyone needs a good laugh now and again, and so I sometimes read my horoscope. Most of it seems like a pile of doggy do to me. Now reading a mass whatever vs a one on one is a totally different thing. I do believe some people have the gift, but hose aren't the people writing garbage for the newspapers.

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  7. I used to be a Sagittarius but now I have some new sign that was just coined--O-something. I never took the horoscope page too seriously, but it's fun to read. I enjoyed reading the horoscope where they took something that was indicative of the sign and stretched it a bit further. For example, Gemini - everyone likes you because you're bisexual or Sagittarius - you like to have fun and people laugh at you a lot. If you are writing horoscopes, you need to have fun with it like this.


  8. That is really cool!
    I like it when my horoscope seems "right on".
    Visiting from the new GBE!

  9. Living near Totnes it's probably a must. I do know my star sig and I seem to fit the descriptions ludicrously well, though other members of my family only partly fit theirs, so while I enjoy the thrill of being Pisces, I am also a sceptical bod. :O)